Cozy Reader Club


Cozy Reader Club wants to help you make the most of your “me time” by sending a book, gourmet beverages, delectable treats, handmade items and more right to you!

Price: $64.95

Shipping: $9.99

Ships to: US and Canada

What you get: Each month you’ll receive 4-6 full size items, including a new hardcover women’s fiction novel, a coffee, tea or hot chocolate, handmade items, delicious treats, and more.

When it ships: 18th of each month

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Cozy Reader Club wants to help you unwind and cozy up with a new fiction adventure, delicious artisanal beverage, handcrafted item and scrumptious treat procured from local small businesses from around the US. So grab a blanket, find your cozy place and let Cozy Reader Club bring the great treats and good reads right to you!


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